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              Social responsibility

              Business ethics

              Code of conduct

              Fangzheng valve has a good reputation in professional ethics and fair trade. When performing their duties, employees may face a variety of people or organizations. We will give corresponding disciplinary punishment to those who adopt an unprofessional attitude to communicate with customers, suppliers and colleagues. Fangzheng valve prohibits employees from participating in any illegal acts that have a negative impact on business activities.

              Conflict of interest

              Employees shall not directly or indirectly engage in external business activities that conflict with the commercial interests of Fangzheng valve, or engage in activities that interfere with the performance of their duties. Such conduct will be subject to relevant disciplinary action. Employees shall timely report possible conflicts to their supervisor / manager and administrative personnel department.

              Protect informant

              Fangzheng valve is committed to providing a good working environment for every employee. Employees can freely put forward their own real ideas about business activities. Every employee of Fangzheng valve has the obligation to report any suspicious behavior in violation of the enterprise system, local and national laws and regulations.

              Human rights

              Fangzheng valve expressly prohibits any form of discrimination and harassment, and does not discriminate against others due to race, color, age, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, gender (including pregnancy, childbirth, or medical treatment) or any other factors. Do not discriminate against servicemen, ex servicemen, persons with physical or mental disabilities or genetic problems, and groups protected by local laws. Do not tolerate any inappropriate behavior to visitors, contractors, customers, etc. and any interference to employees' performance of their work duties.

              Social services

              Fangzheng valve recognizes that our normal production and operation activities may have a far-reaching impact on the community. Therefore, in these areas, we have the responsibility to give full play to our positive forces. These measures include: participating in the local publicity and prevention and control of the epidemic situation(such as COVID-19), financing local poor college students to successfully complete their college studies, financing local medical institutions to carry out medical research, waste reduction projects, etc.

              Socioeconomic impact

              Fangzheng valve is committed to continuously improving the company's product quality and service through innovative process control and product research and development. As an industrial valve enterprise, we aim to provide customers with more value-added services and create a better brand experience. Fangzheng valve is the business partner you can trust,we providing complete control solutions for industrial pipeline .

              Sustainable development

              Fangzheng valve is committed to maintaining the highest standards of business conduct and ethics. As a socially responsible enterprise, we have the obligation to pay attention to the impact of our business decisions on society, environment and economy. Fangzheng valve is committed to becoming a positive force advocating sustainable development. The core value of corporate social responsibility is the guiding principle for founder valve to engage in business activities.

              Health & Safety

              In our business activities, health and safety are integrated into every operation link. There is no doubt that this is also the responsibility of every employee. At any time, prevention in advance is often more effective than solving the injuries and diseases caused in the actual production process in the later stage. Founder valve strives to optimize the implementation plan in terms of health and safety, and adopts a systematic approach to achieve continuous improvement and promotion.


              Fangzheng valve is well aware that opportunities and responsibilities coexist in business activities, and we have the obligation to take effective measures to promote sustainable development. We promote environmental protection measures and work by saving raw materials, reducing waste, and actively developing environmentally friendly products. With the increasing demand for environmental protection and emission reduction, more and more users have environmental protection and low emission requirements for suppliers, and we have gradually improved the company's environmental protection system. Nowadays, many products designed and developed by Fangzheng valve have obtained the certification in line with industry standards, and also meet the requirements of customers for low emission and environmental protection.

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