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              Cryogenic Globe Valve

              Technical parameters and characteristics:

              Product type


              Product description

              Cryogenic Globe Valve


              DJ41H-Cryogenic Globe Valve

              Nominal diameter


              Operating temperature

              -196℃~300℃(the range of service temperature may vary for different materials)

              Operating pressure

              150-2500 CLASS


              Main material: A351 CF8、CF8M、CF3、CF3M;A352 LCB、LCC, etc.

              Design standard

              BS 1873 、BS 6364、ASME B16.34、GB 12235、GB 12224

              Structural length

              ASME B16.10

              Connecting end

              ASME B16.5、GB 9113

              Test standard

              API 598、ISO 5208、JB/T9092、GB/T13927、BS 6364

              Operation method

              Elevating hand wheel, non-elevating hand wheel, bevel gear, motor drive unit, pneumatic drive unit

              Application fields

              For application in fields such as electric power industry, petroleum refining, petrochemical engineering, offshore oil, tap water engineering in urban construction, chemical engineering, etc.

              Other remarks 1

              The extension dimensions of valve stem and bonnet may vary according to different temperature ratings.

              Other remarks 2

              As valves subject to a temperature ≤-101℃ shall be protected against subzero deformation, the main parts are subzero treated.

              Other remarks 3

              The sealing faces of valve seat and valve clack are build-up welded with hard alloy to improve the erosion resistance and extend the service life of valve.

              Other remarks 4

              The friction between sealing faces is smaller during opening and closing, facilitating a longer service life.

              Other remarks 5

              The valve clack is of taper, needle, ball and parabola types, and can be used to adjust the flow rate.

              Other remarks 6

              SS+ graphite or metallic seal or pressure self-sealing is adopted between valve body and bonnet for reliable sealing.

              Other remarks 7

              Rising stem structure, making the valve switch position be clear at a glance

              Other remarks 8

              The valve stem thread will not come into contact with the medium, so the corrosion of medium to the thread is reduced.

              Other remarks 9

              Small switching moment, reliable sealing

              Other remarks 10

              The valve clack can be machined into parabola, spherical, needle shapes, etc. according to the requirement of customer. It can be used for adjustment (rough adjustment) on pipeline.

              Other remarks 11

              Short stroke is suitable for application at positions subject to frequent opening.

              Other remarks 12

              Y-shape stop valve – the streamline flow pass has a very high flow coefficient, and can maximally reduce the pressure drop through the system.

              Other remarks 13

              Through improving the structural design and selecting reasonable packing structure and qualified packing supplier, the valves can meet the Class A sealing test requirements of ISO 15848 FE.

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