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Since 3 years I keep creating toys, bust figures and miniatures for 3D Printing. On this website you get access to my complete collection (over 350 STL files). Each month I will more characters. Enjoy the designs and kind regards.

– Rober Rollin

Rober Rollin 3D Printing

About me, Rober Rollin

Fascinated by the Pixar Movie “Toy Story”, I’ve been interested in 3D modelling. Since then I have been working mainly with Blender3d and try to continuously learn new techniques via Youtube. In 2017 I discovered Uncle Jesse’s YouTube channel, which primarily sparked my interest in 3D printing. Fascinated by the new possibilities, I love to focus my creative work on 3D printing and created figures and toys ever since.

In the meantime I have sculpted over 300 characters. I always try to make sure that the objects are as easy to print as possible. That’s why many of my bust figures are even support free. Basically, 3D printing is just a hobby of mine.

Rober Rollin

Most of my models are printable without support structure. I testprint each figure and painted them by hand afterwards.

Which character should I create next?

If you miss one of your favourite characters just join my Patreon or Instagram account and leave me a message. I try to create them.


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