Death Knights Miniatures

Premium 3D Printed Miniatures designed by 3DArtGuy

The 3DArtGuy produces high quality models and usually share the digital files via his patreon account: for 3D printing. In cooperation with him, we now offer his designs as physical prints (grey resin) in our shop.  The designs impress with an unbelievable amount of details and are printed on a 1/24 scale (75mm scale to eye level).

Each item will be 3D printed on demand and carefully shipped worldwide. So basically you can order as many items as you like. Due to the 3D printing technology we have to removed some support material which might generate some small marks or dots (like all miniatures), which may require a bit of cleaning.

About Tabletop Gaming

In miniature Tabletop Gaming, players engage in simulated battles using miniature models, which can be referred to as miniature models, and can range from 20mm to 54mm in height to represent warriors, vehicles, artillery, buildings and terrain. These models are colloquially known as miniatures or minis.

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