Tabletop Miniatures: Demons, Dragons and Animals

This collection contains a bunch of 3D printable miniatures, like Dragons, Demons, Bears and Spiders. I will stepwise expand this collection. Once in a while I will also create characters which are support free, even on a resin printer. Each time I created several testprints and details even hold up to a scale of 28 mm. However you can of course always enlarge them. At the default setting the STLs are optimized for a base with a diameter of 22 mm. If you have ideas for other characters, please feel free to join me on Patreon and leave me a message. I printed them on my Elegoo Mars.

Beside the miniature I also created some Heroes and Orcs for your tabletop gaming.

Icon Tabletop monsters for 3D Printing

I also create a bunch of villains characters: 3D printing tabletop monsters

Icon Elb Dwarfs for 3D Printing

Furthermore I also created some Heroes: 3D printing tabletop heroes

My Monster Collection for Tabletop Gaming

Here are some impressions of my testprints.


Based on my design I created this “beautiful” creature. had a lot of fun designing this character. I think she looks quite badass.

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Demon Elb

This is my interpretation of a Demon for your tabletop gaming.

This one is attached to base and available for free.

Eyes of Darkness

Another Creature hunting you in the darkest dungeons.

I stands on his own; no base needed.

Wild Bear

I created this 3d printable bear. This STL is als optimised for resin printing.

Wild Bear for 3D printing

Which character should I create next?

If you miss one of your favourite characters just join my Patreon or Instagram account and leave me a message. I try to create them.

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