An overview of my 3D Printers

Dremel Idea Builder

I´m rather the creative guy than the technical I guy, so I needed a reliable machine. Therefore the Dremel Idea Builder is my Recommendation for a FDM 3D Printer. It is a very reliable machine and printed my 3D designs quite well. Here I´m printing my Baby Groot model.

I´m using him since 3 years now on a daily basis and never had problems. If you like such “Out of the box” printer I can totally recommend him. Furthermore the 3D Printing Nerd once created a review video of that printer. Feel free to take a look at the video to get an overview of the functionality.

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Dremel Idea Builder FDM 3D Printer

Elegoo Mars

Since 2019 I´m also creating some tabletop miniatures. For that reason I bought the Elegoo Mars. Again I´m super happy with this printer and he totally fulfil all my needs. The details on the miniatures came out great and I is also pretty affordable.

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Amazon Basic PLA

There are hughe quality differences between different filament suppliers. After several attempts, I now buy the Amazon Basic Filament on a regular basis. The quality of the filament is excellent and the prints come out always quite nice.

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PLA for 3D Printing
Elegoo Washable Resin

Elegoo Resin

I only use the official resin from Elegoo Mars for my resin 3D printer. Before you buy such a printer, please watch many security videos like this one on YouTube.

Basically, the prints and the quality are great but like any other resin you have to follow a few safety rules.

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