15 Characters from the Batman Universe for 3D Printing

I always loved the Batman family, like Robin Nightwing and Red Hood. But I couldn’t find a complete collection.  Thats why I created these Batman characters for 3d printing.  Once in a while I tried to capture their movie appearance. Batman was created by the artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Winger. He appears in the DC comicbooks. So far I created about 15 characters but I will create more villains in the future. I made sure that they are all printable without support.

Usually I testprint all my models to make sure that they get printed as easy as possible. Once they are finished I spray-paint my models with black and silver and paint them with acrylic colours.

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I also create a bunch of other DC characters similar to this Batman Universe: DC Comics for 3D printing

For more characters you can also check those bust figures out: Gargoyles for 3D Printing

3D printing Christian Bale as Batman

Christian Bale as Batman

This is my fanart project of Christian Bale as Batman for 3D Printing, from the “Dark Knight” Trilogy. Since there are so many printable files of Batman, I tried to portray Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne and I also shared the STL on my profile at myminifactory and on Thingiverse.

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This is my fanart interpretation of Bane.

I tried to recreate his comicbook appearance. This guy is printable without support. I tested the STL a few times.

Bane for 3D Printing
Batman Comic for 3D Printing

Batman (Comicbook Edition)

This is my fanart project of a 3D printable Batman. Here I tried to captured his comicbook appearance. Besides the STl file of Batman I also shared my Simplify 3D Settings.


This is my fanart project of Batwoman for your 3D Printer. I loved Ruby Rose is that role and I´m pretty excited for the next season. Here you can get my project file.

3D printing Nightwing


This is my fanart project of a 3D printed Nightwing. This model is also printable without support. I hope they will also make a live action version of him in the future.


This is my fanart project of Robin for 3D Printing.

I tried to captures his look from the videogames. The STL file is a reward for my supporters on Patreon.

3D printing Robin
3D printing Red Hood

Red Hood

This is my fanart project of a 3D printable Red Hood bust figure. I would love to see a live action version of that characters.

3D printing Catwoman


This is my fanart project of a 3D printed Catwoman.

I tried to capture her look from the latest comics.

Poison Ivy

This is my fanart project of Poison Ivy for 3D Printing.

I printed this model without any support.

3D printing Poison Ivy
3D printing Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn

This is my fanart project of a 3D printable Harley Quinn bust figure (support free).

As a supporter on my patreon you get acces to my project files right here.

Two Face

This is my fanart project of Two Face for 3D Printing. Here I got a little bit creative. The design is not based on a special look from the movies or the series. I just wanted to capture his basic design.

3D Printing Two Face
3D printed Heath Ledger as Joker


This is my fanart project of Heath Ledger as Joker for your 3D Printer. I loved this interpretation of that character in the Dark Knight movies.


This is my fanart project of Scarecrow for 3D Printing

I tried to capture his design and look from the latest Arkham videogames.

Scarecrow for 3D printing
Penguin from Batman for 3D Printing

The Penguin

This is my fanart project of The Penguin for 3D Printing.

This guy was a lot of fun to sculpt. I´m really happy with the accessories. All the details showed up in my testprint.

Which character from the Batman Universe should I create next?

If you miss one of your favourite characters just join my Patreon or Instagram account and leave me a message. I try to create them.

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