Marvel characters for 3D Printing

Here are my fanart interpretations of a bunch of Marvel characters for 3D Printing. I made sure that they are all printable without support. Once in a while I also created a base for the characters, which is also printable without support.

I created a testprint for each figure with white PLA on my FDM Printer, the Dremel Idea Builder. After the 3D printing process I painted each figure with regular acrylic paints. If you miss one of your favourite characters, please feel free to join me on Patreon and leave me a message. I will create him as a 3D printable file. Thanks for the support and I hope you like the “Marvel Characters for 3D Printing” collection.

DC Icon

Moreover I shared some characters from the DC Comics for 3D Printing.

Icon X-Men for 3D Printing

I also start working on a bunch of X-Men heroes for 3D Printing.


Inspired by the comicbook of Planet Hulk I added this fanart interpretation for 3D printing

Yondu for 3D printing


Here is my fanart project of Yondu from the Guardian of the Galaxy movies. I guess this guy is one of my best models so far.

Again Yondu and the base is printable without support.

Black Panther

Here is my fanart interpretation of the Black Panther for 3D printing.

This bust is available for everybody. Just click on the Downloadbutton to get the STL.

Download Button

Black Panther for 3D printing
Ghost rider for 3D Printing

Ghost Rider

This is my fanart project of a 3D printable Ghost Rider bust figure from the Marvel Comicbooks. I also created a Full Size version of this character and shared the STL right here: Ghost Rider Full Size Figure.

I tried some new rendering techniques. I think this photo of him looked quite cool.


This is my fanart project of Daredevil from the Marvel Comicbooks for 3D printing.

The character and the base are both printable without support material. Right here you can get the STL files.

3D printing Daredevil
3D printed Elektra


This is my fanart project of Elektra from the Marvel Comicbooks.

I also had to add Elektra to this collection. She is also a reward for my supporters on my patreon page.

The Punisher

This is my fanart project of The Punisher for 3D Printing based on his appearance in the netflix series. The file is also available on my profile at myminifactory and Thingiverse.

Right here you can download my STL file.

3D printed Punisher

The Winter Soldier

This is my fanart project of The Winter Soldier.

I made sure, that also his arm is printable without support. You can get my STL file and my project file as a Simplify 3D file right here.

3D printing Winter Soldier
Doctor Strange for 3D Printing

Doctor Strange

This is my fanart project of Doctor Strange from the Marvel Comicbooks for your 3D printer.

I tried to capture the look of Benedict Cumberbatch.

Which Marvel character should I create next for 3D Printing?

If you miss one of your favourite characters just join my Patreon or Instagram account and leave me a message. I try to create them.

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