3D Printing Spawn, Hellboy and The Darkness

I received a lot of wishes for some characters from the comicbooks Hellboy, Spawn and The Darkness for 3D printing. As a teenager I also loved these series. So far I only shared a bunch of characters, but more heroes and villains will follow. I made sure that they are all printable without support.

This time I also created several testprints with my resin printer and I´m really impressed with the quality. All of these characters are printable without support. Have fun with these guys.

Icon Mortal Kombat for 3D Printing

You like Fighting Games? Check out this collection: Mortal Kombat for 3D Printing

Icon Halloween for 3D Printing

Furthermore I also working on a bunch of other scary characters: Halloween figures for 3D Printing

3d printing spawn with base


This is my fanart project of Spawn.

The base and the character are both printable without support material. My project files (the STL and my Simplify 3D settings) are available right here:

The Clown

Here is my fanart interpretation of the Clown from the Spawn Comics.

I´ve done a testprint in FDM and painted him afterwards. This guys don´t need any support material.

The Violator from Spawn for 3D printing
3D Printable Hellboy


This is my fanart project of Hellboy. This time I printed the bust figure with my resin printer. I´m really impressed with the quality.

Abe Sapien

This is my fanart project of Abe Sapien. Again I printed him with my Elegoo Mars. Even the small details on his suit turned out great.

The Darkness for 3D printing

The Darkness

This is my fanart project of Jacky Estacado from the Comic “The Darkness”.

I loved the comic as a teenager. You can get my interpretation right here:

The Night King

This is my fanart project of the NIght King from the Books and TV Series “Game of Thrones”.

The bust is printable without support.

Which character from the Spawn or Hellboy Comics should I create next for 3D Printing?

If you miss one of your favourite characters just join my Patreon or Instagram account and leave me a message. I try to create them.

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