All main characters from Watchmen for 3D Printing

Due to the fact that I could not find all characters from the comicbook Watchmen for 3D printing, I created my own versions.

Watchmen is an American comic book series, created by the British team of writer Alan Moore and the artist Dave Gibbons and colorist John Higgins. The books were published by DC Comics between 1986 and 1987. Furthermore there was a single issue 1987. The story from Watchmen originated out of a story proposal Moore once submitted to DC that included superhero characters the company had just acquired from Charlton Comics. Since Moore’s proposed story would have made many of the characters unusable for future stories, editor-in-chief Dick Giordano convinced Moore to rather create original characters instead.

I personally was blown away once I read the comic. So I had to create some characters for 3D Printing. I made sure that the STL files are all printable without support. Therefore I created a testprint with my FDM Printer for each character. The base has the design of the famous smiley. With these 6 main characters the collection is complete, I won´t create additional ones. I´m especially proud of Rorschach. Due to the structure of his mask the black and white symbols turned out quite cool. I hope you like my “Watchmen for 3D Printing” collection.

If you want to download my project file, feel free to join my Patreonpage. Patreon helps to me to create more content on this website. Usually share about 10 figures each month (bust figures, cartoons and miniatures for tabletop games).

Icon movies for 3D Printing

I also create a bunch of other movie characters for 3D Printing like Judge Dredd, Robocop and Henry Cavill as the Witcher. If you like the Watchmen Collection you might want to check them out to.

Star Wars Icon for 3D Printing

Furthermore I also start working on a bunch of Star Wars models for 3D Printing. Im really proud of this collection to and added some fun sidekicks like Ewoks and Jar Jar Binks recently.

3D Printing Rorschach from Watchmen


This is my fanart project of Rorschach.

I put a structure in his mask so his black and white pattern show up in the print. There are several community prints on instagram. It should work with a regular FDM printer just fine. You can get him also on my profile at myminifactory and on Thingiverse.

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The Comedian

This is my fanart project of The Comedian.

Usually I print those bust figures with white filament and paint them afterwards. Here I just covered the printed model with black paint and spraypaint some silver highlights with airbrush. Get the STL right here.

3D Printing The Comedian from Watchmen
3D Printing Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen

Dr. Manhattan

This is my fanart project of Dr. Manhattan.

If you like the design you can get my sculpt as a reward via my Patreon page

Silk Spectre

This is my fanart project of Silk Spectre.

I split the model as always into tow part (the base and the character) which are both printable without support material.

3D Printed Silk Spectre from Watchmen
3D Printing Nite Owl from Watchmen

Nite Owl

This is my fanart project of Nite Owl.

Hi always reminds me of Batman. I love both characters. Gain the bust and the base of Nite Owl are printable without support structures. Have fun with this design.


This is my fanart project of Ozymandias.

And the last one of my Watchmen Collection for 3D Printing.

3D Printing Ozymandias from Watchmen

Which character should I create next from the Watchmen series for 3D Printing?

Actually this collection is complete. I created all six main characters. However, if you wish for a certain sidekick, I haven’t thought of, feel free to contact me.

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