The 3D Modelling Software I´m using


Blender is a great 3D modelling software to create the basic shapes of your model. Here I create my Pinky and Brain model. I ´m using this software for 10 years. Still I create the first proportions of my models with this tool. Blender3d has a lot of different modelling and sculpting tools which are working perfectly for me. Nevertheless, I still prefer to switch to zBrush to add details.

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Blender 3D modelling Software
zBrush 3D modelling Software


ZBrush has an incredibly good performance and tools to create all the details. It really helps me with my design process. Here I create my Mandalorian. Once I finished my rough proportions in Blender3D, I switch to zBrush to add all the details.

I can totally recommend Youtube Tutorials to get started with both 3D modelling software packages.

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I slice all my models, which are designed primarily for FDM printers, in Simplyfy3d (here I sliced my Skeletor). I never had problems with this slicer. Simplify3D works very stable and offers a wide variety of preinstalled settings for different printers.

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Simplify Slicer for 3D models
Chitbubox Slicer for 3D models


Im´using Chitubox as a slicer for my resin printer and here I´m using it to slice my Orc Tabletop Miniatures. Chitubox offers great tools to set the right amount of supports for your miniature projects. I can totally recommend it and never had any problems.

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