Clay Cyanide Miniatures

Fantasy Diorama models for tabletop role-playing game, designed by Clay Cyanide Miniatures

The designer from Clay Cyanide Miniatures creates these high quality diorama set ups for tabletop role-playing game. Usually, they share the digital files via their Patreon account: for 3D printing.

In cooperation with them, we now offer the designs as physical prints (grey resin) in our shop.  Have to integrate them in your next big fantasy tabletop adventure.

We 3d print each diorama and carefully ship them worldwide. Therefore you can order as many models as you like. Due to the 3D printing technology we have to remove some support material. This process might generate some dots and marks (like all miniatures have). So you have to do a bit of cleaning before painting the models.

Increase your imagination for your next tabletop role-playing game

Miniatures are a big part of tabletop role-playing games and always have been. They can be used to help you position yourself in a complex battle. Also, they just plant the seeds for your imagination for your great heroes, your incredible monsters, like the ones here from “Clay Cyanide Miniatures”.

Those 3D printed diorama figures are a wonderful visual representation to use on the tabletop. Furthermore, they are also a fantastic hobby on their own, as both collectibles and a creative outlet if you’re interested in painting miniatures yourself. Well, miniatures have been part of tabletop role-playing games since the very beginning of the game itself and are great for combat encounters, set-piece battles, and complex dungeons as well.

They support your imagination and are excellent for a tactical combat experience. Moreover, if you enjoy thinking about positioning and strategy, they are a really rewarding element of the gameplay. Furthermore, those miniatures, like the Leviathan of Jormungadr can also really help out, if you’re a Dungeon Master who has a lot of things going on during an epic battle.

Such a situation is where it might be useful to know exactly how far away people are from each other or how many people are in the danger-radius of a magic spell. So with miniatures, if you look at your tabletop role-playing game board, you can see exactly how these things are going to play out. Furtherer they also look visually beautiful.