Some 3D Printing Youtube Channels I would recommend

My own Youtube-Channel

I also share some sculpting or printing videos on my own youtube channel. For example here I just paint my Baby Groot model. I will keep sharing such videos in the future.

My own channel

Uncle Jesse

This one is my first recommendation, if you want to learn something of 3D printing in general. From the beginning of my 3D Printing journey I watched each video of Uncle Jesse and I keep watching and getting inspired. On his youtube channel he presents new printers, materials and models. Go check it out.

Uncle Jesse on Youtube

Squidmar Miniatures

Emil Nyström shares different videos about “painting miniatures” on his channel “Squidmar Miniatures“. It is super interesting to watch him painting and all the different approaches. He is a  really kind cool person. I totally recommend his channel.

Squidmar Miniatures on Youtube


WildRoseBuilds produces amazing time-lapse video of 3d printed objects. Through the years he also becomes a great supporter. Check out his extreme satisfying videos.

WildRoseBuilds on Youtube